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CNID Investment Challenge 2024

Sponsored by CN Investment Division (CNID)

Your opportunity to learn an investment approach decades in the making…
Philosophy of Ownership • Exceptional People • Rigorous Process • Conviction-driven Portfolio

Attention Undergraduate and Graduate students... 

CNID invests to capture a larger share of tomorrow’s economy. Although this may seem like a simple objective, achieving it can be complex as it requires a rigorous and consistent approach over the long term.

This is where we truly stand out from our peers, and we’re excited to share that expertise with you.

The CNID Investment Challenge gives you a unique, real world opportunity to boost your skills as an investment analyst covering high-quality companies and private assets. Working with our team of professionals, finalists will gain hands-on experience to help prepare for life after graduation.

Sign up for this year’s Challenge and:

- Learn from the mentorship and real-life experience of buy-side investment professionals

- Hone your skills by doing deep-dive company analysis

- Pitch your investment recommendation to CNID’s experienced investors

​- Win a summer internship at CNID

Akash Singhal, Finalist of the Investment Challenge 2023

"Participating in the CNID Investment Challenge in Montreal [...] was intellectually stimulating, pushing me to go beyond surface-level analysis and understand the intricate mechanisms
driving stock performance."

How it works:

Round 1​:

- Choose one of the following pre-selected companies or a company of your choice:

Companies to be determined

- Submit a two-page report detailing where you see the company in 10 years - and why.

We'll pick up to three winning reports from each school - up to ten students will be selected and move on to the next round of the challenge..

Round 2​:

- Participate in a CNID Training Day that will help you better analyze companies from the bottom-up

- You'll be working on the same company you presented in round 1 and prepare a 20-minute pitch to present to our panel of CNID portfolio managers

- We'll assign you a mentor from the CNID investment team to guide you in preparing your pitch

The winner of the Challenge gets a summer 2025 internship in the Global Equities team at CNID!

How to Participate?

Email your two-page report for Round 1 of the challenge in PDF format

by 11:59 p.m. [more details to follow]

Make sure to include your name, your email address, and the name of your university.


Sign up by submitting your two-page report 

Due October 9, 2024

The finalist of Round 1will be notified

On October 13, 2024

The Training Day

On October 20, 2024

Pitch Day

On November 24, 2024

The Winner of the Challenge will be announced

On November 27, 2024

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About Us

About the CN Investment Division (CNID)

Established in 1968, CNID, based in Montreal, manages one of the largest single-employer defined benefit pension funds in Canada, Canadian National Railway (CNR.TO), and holds a long track record of solid performance. CNID's culture is nimble, innovative, collaborative and risk-aware. Pensioners are always at the heart of what we do. The C$17 billion is actively managed in-house by about 95 employees, including some 35 investment professionals. Global equity investments make up approximately 40% of the Fund. Managed by talented managers and analysts combined into one team, these global equity investments are organized by specific sector groupings: consumer, cyclicals, financials, and technology. CNID is a long-term shareholder. We believe that buying and holding quality, growing businesses run by focused management will produce consistent, above-average returns. Emphasis is on companies with strong fundamentals, sustainable competitive advantages and good financial positions that will allow them to be successful for many years to come. Our average holding period is three to five years, but there are several companies in which we have had investments for over 15 years. 
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